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A Short Guide for Traveling in Bellinzona - Routes Castelli di Bellinzona - 2018 All You Need to Know before Bellinzona Guide Fodor s Travel Bellinzona (Italian pronunciation: bellintsona; French: Bellinzone blzon, German: Bellenz blnts, Romansh: Blizuna blitsun ) is the capital of the canton Ticino in Switzerland. 5 Facts about Bellinzona. Although Bellinzona is the capital of the only Italian-speaking canton of Ticino in Switzerland, the largest city there is Lugano. Bellinzona is a fairly small town there are only.000 people. Buses and cars are not popular here: the area is only.15 square kilometers big. Bellinzonese e Alto Ticino Worth a visit in beautiful, bellinzona, the castles are interesting and very well maintained - they all have lovely views over the town and surrounding mountains. In our opinion there are much more complete and dramatic castles in northern Europe but these are definitely worth a visit especially as they are. Bellinzona, however, remained Italian until Milan itselfas well as Bellinzonawas occupied by the French in 1503.

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Two towers, Torre Nera (28 metres) and Torre Bianca (27 metres) dominate Bellinzona's Old Town. Castello Montebello, also known as Schwyz or San Martino, and the castle with the highest elevation, Corbaro Sasso once known as Unterwalden or Santa Barbara, are among the best preserved medieval castles in Switzerland and are Unesco World Cultural Heritage sites. At the most important historic monuments and attractions, the train stops to let the visitors get off and. Over the centuries, Bellinzona has often been subjected of strategic battles and deals between Longobards, Franks, Milan, French and Swiss accounts. On the tour, the visitors hear about the secret of the salame dei castelli. See offers, sebalter, in the year 2000, the three castles of Bellinzona and its fortifications were added to the list of unesco World Heritage Sites and not before time! One is on one side, two others on the opposite side.

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In earlier times, the medieval castles of Castelgrande, Castello Montebello and Castello Sasso Corbaro protected the city they now adorn. More Info, tracing the steps of salami making with little Artù. The tour lasts about 1 hours and tickets can be purchased directly on site or at Bellinzona Tourism. They can watch how this Ticino speciality is produced and may even taste. Located on the main highways (A2 and A13) of north / south road traffic and being an important point on the Gotthard railway line with SBB Station and Offices, mobility is present in the daily life of the region. There is a culinary aspect to Castello di Montebello in Bellinzona. The Archaeological Museum and the Museum of Art are located in the Castelgrande. I often stroll through the medieval streets and imagine how soldiers on horseback once rode through these alleys, or picture, high up at the castles, how ladies in beautiful gowns watched minstrels perform. The geographical location of Bellinzona on the main axis of north and south of Europe influenced significantly the city's history.

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